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Waxing can be a safe and effective alternative to shaving.  If you are looking to put down that razor and enjoy the benefits of waxing, check out some of our waxing services below:



Full Face $25

Eyebrows $10

Lip/Chin $5

Half/Full Arms $20/$25

Half/Full Legs $30/$55

Half/Full Back $30/$45

Bikini/Brazilian $30/$45

Underarms $20



Eyebrow Waxing

Waxing your eyebrows is a common way of designing brows because it’s relatively quick and can last weeks. However, one should be extremely careful when applying the wax near your eyes with an applicator.


Upper Lip Waxing

Waxing on the face is not an easy procedure as the facial skin is much softer when compared to other parts of your body. Upper lip waxing is mostly adopted by women to remove the traits for a feminine look.


Leg Waxing

Leg hairs are much coarser than other body parts hairs. Waxing on the leg is adopted both by men and women these days. Waxing on the leg is the safest option.


Arm/Underarm Waxing

Many options are available when it comes to underarm waxing hair removal. These methods can be fast but expensive, as they may require several sessions to produce a result that lasts for some time. Underarm waxing is well known, and many women use waxing for underarm hair removal as a safe and inexpensive way to remove hair.


Chest Waxing

Men mostly go for chest waxing to be well groomed. this method is usually quick and leaves your skin looking younger and more smooth.


Entire Body Waxing

Removal of hair from top to bottom is becoming a fashion statement these days by both men and women. If you are looking for that smoother look, this may be for you.


Bikini wax

This is great for those who are looking to remove hair from the bikini line.


Brazilian wax

This is great for those who are looking to remove hair under the bikini line in the front and back.


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1807 Alhambra St, Navarre, FL 32566