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Many women seek out permanent makeup solutions for a number of reasons. Thin eyebrows, tiring of the routine of applying makeup every day, eyesight or health problems that make applying makeup difficult, or simply a desire to have perfect makeup everyday are common reasons women seek out permanent makeup solutions. Not to mention the repetitive cost of purchasing makeup!


Microblading is a form of permanent makeup, similar to tattooing. The process, however, is much different than traditional tattoo applications. The application of microblading is finer, more precise, and looks more like natural eyebrows than typical permanent makeup solutions.


This form of permanent makeup is designed to replicate the look of natural eyebrow hair. Microblading can be used to fully or partially camouflage any missing eyebrow hair. Pigments that match the natural hair color are applied superficially to the upper region of the skin. The tool that is used includes fine curved needles that are fused together. This tool is not a machine and all applications are hand placed with a swiping or pulling motion. The procedure involves drawing individual hair strands that are crisp and very natural looking. Traditional tattooing needles that are used for permanent makeup are much thicker and do not allow for such fine placement of lines. As in all applications of permanent makeup, the professional technician will numb the area for treatment before beginning. Microblading causes minimal amounts of discomfort.


Microblading technicians are certified professionals that are practiced at using the proper cleaning and sterilization methods that are key to healthy and safe permanent makeup applications. In addition to knowing and implementing careful cleaning procedures, technicians are also very practiced at the artistic fluidity that allows for beautiful eyebrows and fine detailing. The shape and symmetry of the eyebrows can be controlled in such a way that traditional tattooing does not allow. Lines created by microblading will not blur like normal tattoo lines.


Emerald Coast Med Spa is proud to take care of all of your permanent makeup needs. Our licensed and trained staff will ensure that your treatments are safe, clean, and sanitary. Our equipment is medical grade.


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