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Many women eat well, exercise often, have lost weight, and are frustrated that the little pocket of fat that sits under their chins just will not go away. Some women don’t want to turn to surgery, as it might seem too extreme, and some feel that the extra fat under their chins makes them look older than they are. Some women simply just want to look younger, who doesn’t? KYBELLA might be the perfect solution!


KYBELLA is used to reduce the profile of the chin and can reduce the fat that accumulates under the chin whether there is a moderate or severe amount accumulated below the jaw line.


KYBELLA uses synthetic deoxycholic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance in the human body. This substance assists in the breakdown of dietary fat. This active ingredient is injected into the fat that accumulates under the chin and demolishes the fat cells that are stubbornly sitting there. Once these fat cells are damaged beyond repair, they can no longer store or gather future fat. KYBELLA provides permanent results once the desired goal is met.


Trained specialists are the only people who can assess if KYBELLA is right for each client. Once it is determined that KYBELLA is a good solution to reducing the double-chin, treatments will begin. The client will receive multiple small injections under the chin, a process that only takes about 20 minutes. The amount of treatments will depend on the amount of fat that has accumulated and the client’s desired final look.


KYBELLA is the only FDA-approved injectable treatment for improving the appearance of one’s profile and fat that has stored under the chin. This treatment is currently only available for adults. If you’re tired of working hard to get rid of the fat under your chin, and you want to look younger, improve your profile, but not undergo surgery, KYBELLA might be the perfect solution for you!


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