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Fractora is an electronic device that radiates energy to one part of the skin at a time in order to fully restore it back to its youthful look.


It’s inevitable that everyone has different skin types and skin density. In fact, the Inmode team put this into high consideration when creating the Fractora laser. Fractora has multiple settings to accommodate any skin type and skin density. A trained professional is required to ensure that this procedure performed correctly. This is not a device that is meant for home use.



Fractora helps to promote skin renovation. This includes: skin tone problems, wrinkles, and similar conditions all without surgery. There are many features and benefits associated with the Fractora product. One of the strongest features is that this treatment has comparable results to a fractional CO2 laser, IR laser, and volumetric heating on any type of wrinkles. The safety associated with Fractora is incredible. It’s safe to use on the more sensitive skin areas, such as the neck and other areas that are higher in skin elasticity. Although the risk of post inflammation is very common with CO2 treatments, there is very little risk of this post-Fractora treatment. In addition to the low risk of post inflammation, there is also less downtime and a lesser risk of having posttreatment reactions.


With Fractora, there is little to no downtime, no prolonged redness, and no pigmentation drawbacks. Many of our clients also start a series of Forma shortly after their Fractora treatment.


Fractora is definitely an alternative to other forms of treatment that require downtime. Be sure to watch our Youtube Video above to see exactly how Fractora works to rejuvenate your skin!

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LAser services