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Fat Killer


It’s a common misconception that cellulite only inhabits the skin of those who are overweight. That is incorrect. Cellulite can be found in any body type of height of any gender. It’s not a result of being overweight; it’s a result of inflamed fat pockets and loose skin elasticity. That’s the bad news. The good news is, we have a solution!


Inmode: Aesthetic Solutions has developed BodyFx, also known as a Fat Killer. The purpose of BodyFx is to provide an easy, painless solution to unwanted fat and built up cellulite. The process is completely painless which already exceeds the option of having surgery to correct these body issues and concerns. Having surgery is a much more complex procedure, it’s much more painful, and its cost is through the roof.


BodyFx clears all this negativity and in addition, it’s much more cost-efficient.


Only six weekly treatments are needed, once a week, to achieve optimal results. Each series of treatments lasts a total of six months before having to be touched up again, although it’s recommended to follow up once every three months. After each six-month period, a minimum of one inch of fat is reduced permanently from your problematic area. If you’re active as well, you can imagine how great the results would be after your first series of treatments!


BodyFx works with a radio frequency that provides precise heating which contracts the skin for proper fat and cellulite reduction.



Many of our clients also choose Fractora and Forma – the non-surgical face-lift in combination with their BodyFX treatment. See our main laser services page to see all of our available treatments!



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1807 Alhambra St, Navarre, FL 32566


LAser services