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Permanent make up is becoming more and more popular. Women seek out this type of makeup to enhance their natural look, ensure perfect makeup with minimal effort daily, save money in the long run, and to reduce the repetitive routine of applying makeup fresh every day. Additionally, permanent makeup solutions are ideal for those that suffer from poor eyesight or health issues that make it hard to apply makeup daily.


3D eyebrows were originally created to help those suffering from hair loss due to cancer treatments, alopecia (a hair loss condition), or scarring. Today, 3D eyebrows are available in salons as a beauty treatment, accessible to everyone. 3D eyebrows can help those wishing to define their eyebrows or frame their faces.


3D eyebrows are a simple solution to enhancing the eyebrows. Synthetic eyebrow hairs are adhered directly to the skin. This allows for a three-dimensional eyebrow that is different from traditional permanent makeup solutions.


Traditional permanent makeup solutions can include cosmetic tattooing or microblading (a form of cosmetic tattooing). While effective and becoming more and more natural looking, these types of permanent makeup solutions might not be for you. Emerald Coast Med Spa is proud to offer a variety of permanent makeup solutions to suit everyone’s needs. 3D eyebrows are suitable for any age or skin type. They are painless to apply, are waterproof, and can last up to 14 days without touchups or re-application. Though, should a client wish to have them removed sooner, that is easy to do as well.


Our trained specialists are experts at applying 3D eyebrows to any face. Our staff is gentle and accommodating. All equipment is medical grade and cleaned with the upmost care and concern for your safety and health.


A consultation to determine the proper shape for your face and color matching of your current eyebrows will be conducted prior to application, to guarantee that the 3D eyebrows look as natural as if they were grown! No matter how thick or full you’d like your eyebrows to be, Emerald Coast Med Spa can make it happen! 3D eyebrows are sure to frame your face in way that looks natural and beautiful.



For a complimentary consultation, and to see if 3D eyebrows or another of our permanent makeup solutions are right for you, contact us at 850.939.5413.


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A. 1807 Alhambra St, Navarre, FL 32566

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1807 Alhambra St, Navarre, FL 32566